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Take the stress out of getting paid and get back to running your business

Infusionsoft Payments eliminates stress for small businesses needing to accept credit cards. With Infusionsoft Payments, it’s easy to accept credit cards in minutes. Take the stress out of getting paid and get back to running your business.

Payments for Infusionsoft Mobile coming early 2016


Just because you’re a small business owner, doesn’t mean you should be charged more. Infusionsoft Payments charges a low, flat rate of 2.9% + $.30 per transaction. This is inexpensive compared to the effective rates for small business. Funds typically clear within 48 hours.You may also decide how frequently you would like your funds to be deposited.

Transparent pricing

Tired of calling two different companies for support issues? Infusionsoft Payments is seamlessly integrated, from setup to support. We’re bringing painless payments to small business, so whether you work out of the office or on the road you can stop stressing about when and how you’re going to get paid and get back to running your business!

Integrated and painless processing

Fast and easy set up

Getting paid shouldn’t be stressful. Signing up for Infusionsoft Payments is fast and stress-free. Signing up takes about ten minutes. Most customers will be approved and able to accept credit cards in minutes.

Who can use it?

Infusionsoft customers using the Deluxe E-Commerce, Deluxe Sales or Complete editions may sign up for Infusionsoft Payments. Infusionsoft Payments is currently only available to Infusionsoft customers with U.S. bank accounts.


How much will it cost?

Pricing is a flat 2.9% + $.30 per transaction, regardless of card type. There is no monthly fee, setup fee, batch fee, or any other hidden fees.


What kind of cards can I process?

Infusionsoft Payments powers it all! You will be able to accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover – all at a low, flat rate.


What currencies can I accept?

Right now, Infusionsoft Payments will only power transactions in U.S. dollars. Plans to expand internationally are underway.


Why is it better than other solutions/why should I switch?

Infusionsoft Payments is bringing stress-free, painless payment processing to small businesses. Infusionsoft Payments is fast and easy to setup (it takes about 10 minutes), fairly priced and integrated with Infusionsoft from setup to support.


Is it available on Infusionsoft Mobile?

Infusionsoft Payments will be available on Infusionsoft Mobile early 2016.


How can I transfer existing subscriptions or payment plans to Infusionsoft Payments?

Infusionsoft Support must transfer customers with recurring billings into Infusionsoft Payments. The process takes about 5 minutes. Migrations are free of charge if all payments are transitioned to Infusionsoft Payments. Please call 866-800-0004 so we can make your transition seamless and stress-free.


When will Infusionsoft Payment be available in other countries?

We expect Infusionsoft Payments to be available to our customers in Canada later this summer. We will then work to add support for the U.K. and Australia.


How do I sign up?

Infusionsoft Payments is releasing to customers in June 2015. Customers will be notified when they receive it. Infusionsoft Payments can be activated through your Infusionsoft app in less than 10 minutes. Follow the instructions in this help article to begin accepting credit cards in minutes!


Who is WePay?

WePay is the trusted technology partner powering Infusionsoft Payments.


Watch the set up tutorial. You’re ten minutes away from being able to accept credit cards instantly!

Migrate recurring billings

If you have recurring billings, we need to migrate you. Call Infusionsoft Support at 866-800-0004. We’ll transition you seamlessly.

Read the Help Center article to get answers on all of your Infusionsoft Payments questions.

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