Ever wish you had your very own business ninja?

Start your marketing automation challenge today! 


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Leverage the power of our marketing automation training to BECOME that ninja:

Build a list that grows your business
Automate contact management
Make money quickly and easily


Someone to swoop in and make it simple to reach more prospects, make more money and eliminate overwhelm?

Here’s what you get when you unlock the challenge

List Building
Learn strategies that help you build an email list with customers who welcome you into their inbox.
Contact Management
Organize your email list into targeted segments so you can send the right message to the right person at the right time.
Email Marketing
Craft emails that your customers anticipate, are excited to receive, and will want to share with their friends and peers. 
BONUS! Take Your Business to the Next Level with Amy Birks, Strategy Ninja

Ask Amy your burning business questions during our exclusive bonus webinar.

About Amy

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People call Amy Birks the Strategy Ninja because she helps her clients make swift, calculated shifts in their businesses, seemingly out of nowhere. Her genius is that she can see the shortest distance between two points, which allows her to help her clients pull forth exactly what they need in order to make the next leap in their business (which is generally accompanied by a big ol' payday and lots and lots of fun too.) 
She’s the entrepreneur's secret weapon and ultimate wing-woman because she combines the roles of COO and biz bestie and wraps them up into one cute little, bicycle-riding, dog-loving, strategy-wielding package. Find out more about Amy

Start your marketing automation challenge today! 

Email marketing has an

ROI of 4,300%,

far higher than paid and organic search or social media.

Direct Marketing Association



Automate contact management


Make money quickly and easily


Join our marketing challenge as we demystify the process and teach you how to be your OWN ninja through the power of marketing automation.
P.S.  It’s really easy to do.  And we’re going to show you how to make it happen. 


Strategy Ninja, Amy Birks used marketing automation to take one client’s idea from concept to

$40,000 in revenue 

in just two weeks.